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  • Gir cow milk has medicinal value and has been exported worldwide.

  • Our Gir cows are fed from our organic farms where we grow green fodder by using cow dung only, (we are not using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides).

  • Zero Adulteration - Free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics and Cancer producing agents like urea, detergent, liquid formaldehyde etc.

  • Fully Automated Process We deliver fresh milk – automated packed (untouched by hands) within 4 hours of milking to give you more nutritional value of milk. for organic bio-farm fresh desi Gir cow A2 milk in Noida, Greater Noida, New Delhi. Contact us now at 9643731653; 9999816253

Welcome to Pious Milk : Organic farm fresh A2 milk

We believe that in future, organic and unadulterated food will be the single most effective way to well being and healthy living for all. Pure dairy products are at the heart of a healthy and nutritional diet for children, adults and the elderly.

We are an organization passionate about meeting the health challenge through our products. Our products come from "healthy soil, healthy cows and healthy milk". We believe that everyone deserves the inexhaustible benefits of organic and unadulterated food for their well being and health.

Pious Milk is an Organic farm fresh Gir cow A2 milk produced without adulteration. We produce milk without chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Our approach for our products is traditional and completely natural towards our dairy desi Gir cows. We provide scientifically advised, unadulterated highly nutritious food to our desi Gir cows to produce the highest quality nutritious milk. Our product is delivered through established scientific and automated procedures for healthy milk production meeting and exceeding quality standards. Our Organic farm fresh dairy products are produced through fully automatic "untouched by hands" processes to ensure the highest quality for You & your family. We have a state-of-the-art scientific in-house lab to maintain strict quality checks.

Healthy Soil - Healthy Cows - Healthy Milk - Healthy People

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Benefits of Pure A2 Protein Organic Milk

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